In case you have not noticed, we spend a huge amount of day locked onto screens. This can include our phones, computers, laptops, tablets etc. Some of us spend an average of 6-8 hours every day on our screens which sadly does not come as a surprise. At times we are using two screens at once without even realizing it. We could have the television on and then be using our phones instead, it is a common occurrence and we have all done it at some point.
Spending an excessive amount of time using screens has a number of disadvantages. The blue light emitted by the screen is known to cause disturbances in sleep and can affect a child’s ability to focus. Moderation needs to be put into practice. It is about time we start revisiting the outdoors again.

More people are becoming conscious about the need for outdoor space in their homes which is a good start. Just sitting outside with our family can do wonders for our health and will help you bond in the process. When it comes to improving outdoor space, you have two options that is getting either a patio built or a deck.
The two terms are often used interchangeably but are different from each other. To further elaborate, a patio is at ground level and is normally an extension of the house but it can be built in a separate area as well. It is normally built with concrete and even stones etc. A deck is built with either vinyl or wood. It is normally elevated from the ground level and built at a certain height.


Patios are a good addition for people who want to be closer to their surroundings. Patios being at ground level, do just that. In case you have an in-ground pool, building a patio around it will make for a great space to lounge around and even add a barbeque at the side for Sunday lunches.
Patios are not as expensive as decks which is a good option for people who are working on a tighter budget. It will probably cost you half as much to build a patio than to build a deck. However, if your foundation is uneven, it will need to be leveled and it will end up costing you more than you bargained for, so go for a patio only if your ground is level.
A patio does have a good return on investment and it does increase the resale value of your house, however, it is not as great as the return on investment when it comes to decks.


Decks are a good option for people who live around hilly areas or have an unequal ground level since you do not have to worry about that when your deck is being built unlike a patio. Decks do however, require more maintenance than patios unless you opt for composite decking.
Decks are more expensive than patios and composite decking is even more costly than wooden decking. However, decks have a much higher return on investment and increase the resale value of your house even more.