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Patio V Decking

A patio traditionally refers to an inner courtyard of the house which is used for dining or for activities such as play, that amuses, diverts, or stimulates, it can either be detached or attached from the house. While a deck refers to any outdoor platform, more especially with a flat surface that can be walked on mostly, it can be a balcony, porch, or a rooftop. There has been great difficulty in the past and recent days on deciding which is better of the two because of the significant similarities. Still, they also have differences, but mostly, it’s the land terrain or the choice of architecture, which dictates the option to be undertaken. You landscaper will discuss the available options to you prior to beginning the work.

However, according to research done, patios are less expensive as compared to the decks. Still, the ROI, [which is used to directly measuring the amount of return from an investment’s cost] of a deck, runs higher than that of a patio. This comparison on the cost is made by comparing the final determinants by considering the prices of the materials used, the land terrain or slope, and the amount of capital used to pay the skilled personnel who install the patio or deck. Keep in mind that on a steep hill, a deck will mostly be preferred because it will be less expensive and decks can be installed on any land, and as for patios they are more of likely to be installed on grounds which contain a gravel base hence in this case a flatter space is required.

On the other hand, also patios need little maintenance than the decks, but depending on the materials used. In which case, composite decks are more preferred because they can mould and drew hence offering less cleaning as compared to treated pine decks. Decks are more expensive because they need more power to be stained with mud or other stains, washed and sealed every year to keep it in good shape. On the other hand, as compared to all patios, when choosing a less expensive patio, one is advised to choose a concrete patio. The stains can either be caused by dust, mud, or even from natural stains, for example, leaves from nearby trees.

Decks have a shorter lifespan as compared to patios, as wood can succumb to harsh weather conditions. For example, during the summer, the scorching sun, if not adequately regulated, can make the deck wood to crack; on the other hand, it’s advantageous as wood is a bad conductor of heat; hence, wooden decks naturally absorb and retain less heat. High amounts of rain also can make wood rot over time by being invested by termites that feed on the wood or even discolour it if it’s not painted over a long period.

Wood vs composite decking

Wood vs composite decking

Composite decking is the latest product available in the decking industry for outdoor spaces. It provides great durability and they are also easy to maintain. It will help maintain the beauty of wood without any hassle of maintenance.

Everyone wants to spend their quality time enjoy their outdoor space. The composite decking is a great alternative to traditional wooden decking and it is suitable for all the weather conditions too. It is created using recycled content and it is the best choice for eco-friendly consumers.

The design of composite decking provides great durability and the chances of painting, staining and scratching are very less.The best part is that they are insect proof and will not be affected by splinters. All this makes the composite decking safer for families with pets and small kids.

Composite decking works with very low maintenance and there is no issue regarding sanding, staining or painting. You just need to occasionally do soap and water cleaning. It required very low-cost maintenance and it remains stable for decades. Many composite decking comes with 25 years fade and stain warranty all this will make sure, it looks and performs consistently. It has high-definition wood grain patterns and quality colors. This gives a great and natural look to the composite decking. You can choose from a list of several available colors like earth tones, spicy reds, pristine greys etc. You can also choose the exotic hardwoods looks. In addition to it, you can look for composite decking accessories like railing, gates, stairs etc for your home. It will create the outdoor space into customized one.

Composite decking is highly sustainable without affecting the environment. It is made by using recycled content that includes industrial wood scraps and recycled plastic. It is completely environmentally friendly.

The initial costing of composite decking is little higher but it has extremely less maintenance cost. There is no need to shed a huge amount for maintenance, they are as good as new even after 10-15 years.

The traditional wood decking required pest control and heavy metals like arsenic for the printing process in addition to the pesticides, the wood can also be dangerous for the kids and pets health. The wood deteriorates may also affect the adults. But, composite decking is safe from fungus, insect or any kind of decay. It provides natural resistance because of the material used to build up a composite decking is safely chosen.

Composite decking is constantly being improved and tested for excellence. There are almost 50 companies which are manufacturing composite decking and every company has a research division to solve the issues with the product. Several advancements are made to give it a realistic look, to keep the color bright, prevention of nails or screw on the surface etc.


The Art of Picture Making

The process and business involving Picture Making is a hard and tedious one but also one which is equally as rewarding. It involves designing artistic image files for either multiple crowds or exclusively and producing them physically from their digital form derived from either one’s image or the firm’s image gallery. There is a large number of things to be considered when deciding just what art and how much of it is ideal for particular spaces. Getting it right or wrong could determine persons’ and entities’ successes in executing whichever brand they might hold in their motives and perhaps their character.
As a person and as an entity, it is mighty important that you understand your space. It is also vital that you prosecute your branding ideas by questioning every aspect of the picture you plan to order. Taking several reviews by people who chose particular images and presentation could be a good start. An even better start would be to indulge the expertise of professionals such as Saltmarshe Picture Perfect by Design. They could take their time to study your space, study you or your business and recommend the kinds of pictures that would suit an entity or personality of your calibre and repute. Such recommendations would only be limited to your budget. Otherwise, as long as you deem particular images fit for your space, picture making enterprises will erect them for you as long as you could afford it. They would also have to fit within your space.
There are different styles collections of pictures. Some are framed, some are frameless. Some are of canvas while some are synthetic. There are different sizes too. Some are designed to survive in moist environments and those that are extra warmer than usual. Such traits are common in kitchens and bathrooms. The most common characteristic among them is that they are all printed. Printing from reputable companies involves lifelong ink printing that features ten colour printing. The images are often very vibrant with ample tonal and gradient differences.
The spectacular thing about Picture Making images is that the two components of art conception and delivery are artfully conquered, and the result is often enduring. In fact, of the ten impeccable styles collections offered by Saltmarshe Picture Perfect by Design, all take great consideration into bordering the art and space seamlessly. Sometimes, such a feat is only realized by mirroring the edges of the picture. Such a tactic maintains the pictures full image on its front. Mirroring also extends the illusion of the image on the sides of the picture. On other occasions, the kind of image meant to be displayed, and the space mood requires a less abstract border. That is where framed pictures come into play. Solid pine frames are used. They are always high quality and derived from sustainable reforestation schemes. Laminating the edges of these picture frames assists in prolonging their lifetime. Different framing styles are common, and each serves particular artistic and structural purposes. Some are thick, some are thin, some are glass covered, and some are not. Most are made of high-quality wood, but a few are made of different materials and polish qualities.
The most important qualities of all pictures made by professional entities have to be common in a majority of their products. Such qualities include;
• Guaranteed quality and thus reasonable guarantee conditions
• Size flexibility; any image should be customized to make pictures that fit big and small spaces
• Easy hanging; such art should be drilled onto any surface without the requirement of complex calibrations or balance tactics.
• Soft canvases and other printable surfaces for lavish environments.
You should have already established that Picture Making serves as the ultimate complement to any surface or space.

Composite decking versus PVC decking

If you’ve been thinking about enhancing your garden with some new decking, then no doubt you will have come across the alternatives to standard wood decking; composite and PVC. Both have become quite popular in recent years, as homeowners have become increasingly aware of sustainable and eco-friendly options for their homes. But what is the difference between these two options, and which one is best?

What is the difference?
As the name suggests, PVC decking is plastic, and therefore entirely synthetic. Composite decking on the other hand, generally known as “WPC” or “Wood Plastic Composite” is a mixture of wood fibres and plastic fibres, which have have been retrieved from places such as factory floors. By recycling these unwanted fibres, WPC ensures that the boards being used are more eco-friendly than PVC. Not only does WPC not require the same pollution-producing process as standard plastic, but recycling the fibres from other industries stops them going to landfill.

Isn’t composite more expensive?
If you place similar boards side-by-side, then you may find that WPC boards are a little more expensive than their plastic counterparts. However the differences between them make going for the more expensive option much more cost effective in the long-run. WPC boards generally look better than PVC, as the wood fibres give them a more “natural” look. PVC is also less like to withstand the test of time, you may find that it is more likely to warp or crack, especially during hot weather when the plastic expands and contracts frequently. Plastic decking generally needs to be replaced quicker than WPC, so you may find that in a few years you need to replace PVC boards, while your neighbours WPC shows little sign of wear and tear.

Why not just go with wood?
If you’ve been researching your decking properly then you’ll also be considering good old fashioned wood decking. It appears to be the easiest option, you may have found some good deals online, and the finished look may exceed that of PVC. However, many homeowners have decided against wood decking due to the maintenance it needs. PVC decking is also extremely slip-resistant, making it ideal at aquatics facilities and swimming pools. Wood decking is susceptible to damp and mould, especially during the damp British winters and occasional poor summers.

In order to keep it looking it’s best, you will find that you need to give wood decking a good varnish after it’s first been laid down, and then sand it down and re-varnish every few years. PVC and WPC decking doesn’t need nearly as much maintenance. A good hose down at the start of spring is enough to bring it back to good condition, and stubborn marks can be removed with some soapy water and a stiff brush.

How to get the most out of your garden decking area

When planning any garden decking area it is important that the decking and accessories can be used all year round, are safe, practical and enhance the beauty of your garden. Below we explore how to make the most of your decking area.

Benefits of composite decking

When deciding upon the type of decking to use, composite decking is your best choice as it has so many benefits. They never have to be sealed; is non slip and warp free; does not need regular maintenance and is available in a wide variety of colours. This means that your decking area will be safe, practical and can be customised to your tastes and needs.

Handrails and Balustrades

Your decking area can be enhanced with the use of handrails and balustrades. Here are some ideas.

Glass balustrades: Will complement your decking area and give it that finishing touch. They are stylish and contemporary and provide protection from windy weather while providing a sense of privacy. As the balustrades are made of glass they do not restrict natural light and allow you to observe the rest of your garden.

Glass balustrade and handrails: Incorporating handrails with your glass balustrade system will ensure added safety. This is advantageous if you have young children or live with elderly relatives. Stainless steel is usually used to maintain that contemporary look.

Cable handrails: If you do not wish to use any type of balustrade or screen then you can still maintain the safety of individuals when using the decking area by installing cable handrails. These are contemporary and simplistic in design. More importantly they are unobtrusive and will complement any decking colour. They can also be made to any height.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting that incorporates and surrounds your decking not only looks fantastic but means that you can enjoy your decking area during the night.

LED deck lights: These modern lights can be installed into the deck, steps and even on a path. They are also available in five different colours to complement your deck design. As the lights are LEDs it also means that they are energy efficient and are safe to walk on without shoes as they do not get hot.

LED handrail lights: Once again these LED lights are safe to touch and make a beautiful addition to your decking area. As well as the practical purpose of illuminating the handrails for added safety, they also add a warm glow on a dark and cold night.

Post lights: If you want a more subtle light for your decking area and do not wish the entire handrail area to be lit, then post lights are a great idea. They are usually best used before any steps for added safety.

These are just a few ideas on how to make the most of your decking area. Get creative and have fun designing your perfect deck.

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