Wood vs composite decking

Composite decking is the latest product available in the decking industry for outdoor spaces. It provides great durability and they are also easy to maintain. It will help maintain the beauty of wood without any hassle of maintenance.

Everyone wants to spend their quality time enjoy their outdoor space. The composite decking is a great alternative to traditional wooden decking and it is suitable for all the weather conditions too. It is created using recycled content and it is the best choice for eco-friendly consumers.

The design of composite decking provides great durability and the chances of painting, staining and scratching are very less.The best part is that they are insect proof and will not be affected by splinters. All this makes the composite decking safer for families with pets and small kids.

Composite decking works with very low maintenance and there is no issue regarding sanding, staining or painting. You just need to occasionally do soap and water cleaning. It required very low-cost maintenance and it remains stable for decades. Many composite decking comes with 25 years fade and stain warranty all this will make sure, it looks and performs consistently. It has high-definition wood grain patterns and quality colors. This gives a great and natural look to the composite decking. You can choose from a list of several available colors like earth tones, spicy reds, pristine greys etc. You can also choose the exotic hardwoods looks. In addition to it, you can look for composite decking accessories like railing, gates, stairs etc for your home. It will create the outdoor space into customized one.

Composite decking is highly sustainable without affecting the environment. It is made by using recycled content that includes industrial wood scraps and recycled plastic. It is completely environmentally friendly.

The initial costing of composite decking is little higher but it has extremely less maintenance cost. There is no need to shed a huge amount for maintenance, they are as good as new even after 10-15 years.

The traditional wood decking required pest control and heavy metals like arsenic for the printing process in addition to the pesticides, the wood can also be dangerous for the kids and pets health. The wood deteriorates may also affect the adults. But, composite decking is safe from fungus, insect or any kind of decay. It provides natural resistance because of the material used to build up a composite decking is safely chosen.

Composite decking is constantly being improved and tested for excellence. There are almost 50 companies which are manufacturing composite decking and every company has a research division to solve the issues with the product. Several advancements are made to give it a realistic look, to keep the color bright, prevention of nails or screw on the surface etc.