You may have wanted to pick up gardening for a number of different reasons. Maybe whenever you went to visit your gran, you would find her hunched over her garden, admiring her flowers or raking the soil to plant new seeds or picking summer fruits for you and now you want to do the same as her and follow her footsteps, as a way of keeping the memory of her alive.
Maybe you want to start it as a hobby because you think that there is nothing more therapeutic or relaxing like digging your hands in the earth and creating something with your hands. The entire manual labor involved can become a good way to release pent up emotions and decompress.
Another reason why you might be interested in gardening might be because you want to grow your own fruits and vegetables. In today’s day and age, our fresh produce is chalked full of various fertilizers and chemicals and you have no idea about the food you are putting in your body under the pretense that it is healthy and good for your body.
Regardless of why you may want to start gardening, it can be a great hobby but there are some guidelines to follow or else you will end up with a barren garden and a lot of confusion and frustration.
First of all, you need to consult at least 2-3 books on gardening for beginners where they will give you a basic overview of what to do and what you should expect during gardening. It will introduce you to a number of basic tools and seeds you should buy.

tips-for-easier-gardening-03-planter-slIf you read through the books, you probably know that you should get your soil tested so that you know whether it is fit for growing or if it lacks any specific minerals. Not every type of fertilizer will work for your soil, so it is important to find out what you are lacking so that you pick the right fertilizer to compensate for the loss.
You should have a basic garden design in mind from the beginning. This layout will also help when you are shopping for plants at the nursery. You should not be tempted to just buy any plant so sticking to your pre-planned garden design will help you save a lot of money.
Make sure to pick plants and seeds that are native. There is no point in trying to grow plants that will not strive in a certain environment. Taking care of weeds is crucial to your garden design. Weeds can ruin an entire garden if not removed early enough so pull them out of the roots as soon as you detect them.
Using too much fertilizer will not do your plants any good. It will only poison them and kill the good insects that actually help to kill pests. So, some bugs in your garden are a good thing. Similarly, overwatering your plant will not do it any good. Water only the roots and find out the watering needs for each type of plant.
Lastly, be patient. As long as you deal with your garden properly, you will soon see your garden bloom.